Hi, I’m Jesse Rice. 

I’m the New York Times Bestseller-reading author of The Church Of Facebook. Haven’t picked up your copy yet? You’re in good company!

You can think of me like the guide on a theme-park safari ride: pointing out hidden dangers, turning your attention toward oft-missed wonders, giving you everything you need for a fun, enriching experience, and telling corny jokes along the way.

Prior to my role as your safari guide, I:

  • Worked as a professional musician for 15 years (serving in some of the most respected churches in the country).
  • Got a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (how do you feel about that?).
  • Got married to the woman of my dreams, Katie.
  • Had two of the most amazing little boys on the planet, Ryder (5) and Tucker (2), and bought a dog (a yellow Lab named Boone). Also, we’re expecting a baby girl in September 2017!

Katie and I have lived all over the San Francisco Bay Area, in Portland, Oregon, and Tauranga, New Zealand.

We now reside in Bellevue, Washington, which is a lot like Seattle, unless you ask someone from Seattle.