"Jesse is a dynamic communicator. With wit and brilliant insight, he captures and holds an audience's attention like few others."

Josh ShippTV Host and Author 


Known for his paradigm-shifting insight, hilarious personal stories, and captivating stage presence, Jesse turns every opportunity at the mic into a transformative experience for the audience.

Having spoken at universities, conferences, churches, and events all over the US and Canada, Jesse has delighted and empowered audiences of 40 to 4000 to be and do their best.

If you want your next event to be transformative for your audience, hand the mic over to Jesse.


"Jesse Can Help All Of Us Live In Deeper And Better Ways."



Most Requested Topics

How To Discover Your Call And Live It Out Fully     Perfect for college students and young adults, as well as those transitioning mid-career or nearing retirement, this talk will help your audience members connect the dots between who they are and what they were made to do. 

How To Successfully Engage And Serve Millennials     Is your church, business, or organization struggling to attract and retain millennials? Jesse details the simple but profound strategy that can build a strong and enduring bridge between your org and the next generation.

How Your Church Can Be Relevant And Impactful In A Hyperconnected World     How should your church respond to the pervasive influence of social media? Can platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram really be leveraged to reach those outside church walls? In this talk, based on his critically-acclaimed book, Jesse outlines how your church can positively influence your community, strengthen your congregational ties, and get healthier via social media channels.


What You Can Expect

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation with a member of Jesse's team prior to your event, so we can better understand how to best serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event via Jesse's website and social media channels. (But only if your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered, unforgettable presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  5. A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone from our team, to make sure we met your expectations. (We also want to know how you think we can improve.)

Jesse has spoken at colleges, conferences, retreats, churches, and corporate events around the US and Canada. He has shared the stage with the likes of Bob GoffEugene Cho, and John Ortberg. Some of the many places and events Jesse has spoken at include: 



"In Gladwell-esque style, Rice writes with humor and below-the-surface insight."

- Relevant Magazine


Jesse is the author of The Church of Facebook and Dreams That Keep Us Awake. His writing has been featured in:



Social media has radically shifted how we relate to one another, in good ways and bad. How exactly has it done  that and, more importantly, how should we live in response? Those are the questions that Jesse Rice answers in The Church Of Facebook, available anywhere books are sold.


Since you were very young, you've had a dream to live a life that matters. You've always wanted to make a significant and creative difference in the world. Back then it was easy to express your creativity - you were fearless But the truth is it takes even more creativity and imagination to realize your dreams as an adult. Dreams That Keep Us Awake will help you get back in touch with that dream and give you insight that will help you move through the fear and share your dream with the world once more.

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Jesse Rice is an author and speaker, a pastor and counselor, a dad and husband, and the co-founder of Leader Launcher, a little company whose mission is to help people flourish at work and home. He lives in Seattle-ish, WA, with his singer/songwriter wife, Katie. They have two little boys, Ryder (3.5 years) and Tucker (7 months), which means neither of them have slept in a very long time. They also have a yellow Lab named Boone who enjoys eating children's socks, but only one from each pair.

You can reach Jesse at info@jesserice.com.