10 Words That Could Change Your Life

How To Get Free From Your Past And Build A Great Future


In my 20s and early 30s, my life choices created lots of drama. I leapt wholeheartedly into (and out of) dating relationships. I bounced in and out of jobs because “they just weren’t me”. In all areas of my life, I was a flight risk.

But I didn’t know I was running from my pain.

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The Key To Building A Life You Love

Why You Have To Understand What Makes You YOU


In the world of architecture, there is a rule: form follows function. The idea is that if a structure is not safe or sound, there’s no point in making it pretty. A pretty building that can’t stand up is useless.

In the world of vocation (call, purpose), the opposite is true: function follows form.

Let me explain.

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