The One Thing Creative People Often Forget

Stop Wondering What Would "Hit" And Just Start Making Stuff

I forget this. ALL. THE. TIME.

So I try to guess what people might want to read most. I wonder what content I could create that might get me over the hump of anonymity so I can finally arrive at fame. I mean fame that HELPS people, obviously. You know, an Angelina-y kind of fame.

Of course, no amount of fame is enough (see also, any tabloid headline ever). And though I have a Masters degree in psychology, what one individual truly wants isn’t really my business.

My business is to keep making. Keep loving. Keep emptying my cup.

And so is yours. 

So screw the numbers. And stop scanning your stats.

The flu is viral. Ebola is viral. Don’t add to the dis-ease in the world.

Create as though your work made God smile. Which it does.

Create as though your work already mattered. Which it does.

That’s enough for today.

How To Stop Worrying So Much

A Little Trick To Experiencing More Peace

(photo by Tim Gouw)

I’m really good at worrying. And I was even better at it when I was a kid. I used to imagine the worst about everything.

If my parents left the house, I knew they weren’t coming back. Either because they would die in a horrible car vs. bus vs. airplane accident. Or they’d simply change their mind about being my parents and head down to Mexico for a few decades.

I was convinced the most awful things lived right outside my door, or under my bed, or in my body. So I worried.

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The Secret Power Of Selfies

How To Make Them Matter

I recently preached at my favorite church. The topic? Selfies.

To illustrate the topic, I borrowed a friend’s selfie stick. Because I obviously don’t own a selfie stick.


Since mine broke from overuse.

I held my phone close to my face – you know, one of those phones that you can also use to call people, if that’s something you still do. I said, from this distance, all you can really see in the frame is me.

And to be honest, it doesn’t make for a very interesting picture.

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